Company history

The name of our company- WRZOS- means „the heather”. Somehow it shows the profile of firm, because, first of all, we do the forest job, sawing and carting the wood and nurturing the tree stands. We own few specialist machines, harvesters, forwarders, tractors, and of course lumber trailers, from which the FARMA CT3,8-6 is highly valuable among our team.

Under this name we have been present at the polish market  since the 1995. Our adventure with AS FORS MW started in 2005, when we bought in Germany second-hand Niab Processor. Beacuse there wasn’t a single dealer in our country, we couldn’t get any spare parts until we haven’t contacted the producer. In the same time we discovered how great machine is the Niab. Our employees called this processor “Professor”, because of intelligence and facilitation of their job, and really cherished to work with it.

We understand the needs of forest companies. That is why we decided to introduce the Niab and other FORS’s products on the polish market.

After talks with Ulrica and by the decision of  management, in 2006 we become a first polish dealer. Since that we have made a promotional video of Niab, taken a part in trade fairs, got in touch with many forest companies and done all the best to sell FORS products on the difficult polish market, which is big and ready, but unfortunately still quite poor.

If it’s about me, my name is Joanna Grzebieniowska and as a daughter of one of directors I’m strongly afiiliated with the company from the very beggining. Seriously I started to work for Wrzos s.c. last Autumn, after graduation and becoming a Master of  Arts in Ethnology.

For me, selling your machines and working with the crew it’s a great professional challenge and I belive, big step towards latest career. And, what is also very important, it’s a pleasure to cooperate with you in this friendly understanding atmosphere.