CT 5,1-8

Presentation Lumber trailer with crane FARMA CT 5,1-8

5.1m crane,
8 ton trailer.

A lumber trailer designed for the independent forest owner who looks after the forest himself. The trailer is equipped with frame steering and hydraulic supporting beams. The loader has a reach of 5.1 m, which increases to almost 5.6 m with the frame steering fully extended. In this position it can lift 450 kg excl. grapple and rotator. The loader is suitable for the addition of a winch. Suitable for many applications and a big seller over the years.

Technical data

Trailer dimensions | Crane dimensions | Matrix

Max. axle load (kg) 8000
Loading area (m2) 1,95
Loading lenght (m) 3,56
Total lenght (m) 5,4
Total wide (m) 2,1
Ground clearance (mm) 505
Wheel dimension 400/60x 15,5
Weight basic trailer (kg) 1310
Steering angle with frame steering (degrees) 40
Lift capacity net: kNm 33
Slewing torque kNm 8,8
Slewing angle (degrees) 360°
Reach (m) 5,1
Telescopic stroke length (m) -
Recommended Oil flow (l/min) 35-50
Working pressure (bar) 175
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,12*/Weight of crane -
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,16*/Weight of crane 622/530
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,19*/Weight of crane 642/530
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,20*/Weight of crane 657/530
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,22*/Weight of crane -
Lifting force kg full length (excl. grapple/rotator) 450
* Weight kg incl. grapple, link, rotator.

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