CT 6,0-9

Presentation Lumber trailer with crane FARMA CT 6,0-9

6.0m crane,
9 ton trailer.

This trailer differs from model 5.1–9 in the reach of the crane. In this model too, the grapple loader is mounted on a detachable 3-point linkage with telescopic supporting beams. The crane’s reach is 6.0 m including an extension boom. If the frame steering is fully extended, it can reach almost 6.8 m, and it can lift 390 kg excl. grapple and rotator. The loader is suitable for the addition of a winch. The 9-ton trailers are the right choice for anyone who appreciates flexibility and has the ability to use the tractor’s three-point hitch.

Technical data

Trailer dimensions | Crane dimensions | Matrix

Max. axle load (kg) 9000
Loading area (m2) 1,4
Loading lenght (m) 3,53
Total lenght (m) 5,4
Total wide (m) 2,1
Ground clearance (mm) 520
Wheel dimension 400/60*15,5
Weight basic trailer (kg) 1643
Steering angle with frame steering (degrees) 48
Lift capacity net: kNm 33
Slewing torque kNm 8.8
Slewing angle (degrees) 360°
Reach (m) 6,0
Telescopic stroke length (m) 0,9
Recommended Oil flow (l/min) 35-50
Working pressure (bar) 175
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,12*/Weight of crane -
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,16*/Weight of crane 672/580
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,19*/Weight of crane 692/580
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,20*/Weight of crane 707/580
Weight kg incl. grapple 0,22*/Weight of crane -
Lifting force kg full length (excl. grapple/rotator) 390
* Weight kg incl. grapple, link, rotator.

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